Spring & Fall Maintenance

Keep your AC in good condition all year long

HVAC Repair and Maintenance services in Hampton, VA and surrounding areas

While you’re in the comfort of your home, the last thing you want is your air conditioner or heating system to stop working. Your home comfort system should be checked every 6 months.

With regular maintenance on your heating and cooling systems year-round you can avoid higher energy bills and costly replacements later on. At Reliance Home Comfort, our HVAC maintenance specialist will get the job done right. No more worrying about having a cooler environment for the spring & summer, or having a warmer environment for the winter.

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  • system inspection
  • check refrigerant levels
  • check coil and drain line/pan
  • look at compressor and motor
  • clean areas with buildup of dirt/debris
  • check air filter (may include replacement of filter)
  • replace worn belts, parts, or connections
  • test thermostat
  • test for leaks

Keep energy cost as low as possible

Get year-round HVAC Maintenance service for both commercial and residential properties in HamptonRoads

At Reliance Home Comfort our HVAC maintenance services include:

  • Cleaning inside of coil, condensate pans, condensate traps, and condensate lines to prevent obstructions
  • Cleaning of outside coil and straightening of fins for efficient operation.
  • Check of refrigerant levels and if low, locating source of leak.
  • Cleaning the burner assembly
  • Removing soot from fireside of burner
  • Inspection of the heat exchange for cracks
  • & More!