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Welcome to Reliance Home Comfort, your trusted partner in HVAC repair and maintenance services. With a commitment to excellence and years of industry expertise, we specialize in keeping your home comfortable and your HVAC systems running smoothly. From prompt emergency repairs to proactive maintenance plans, our team of skilled technicians is dedicated to delivering top-notch service with professionalism and integrity. When you choose Reliance Home Comfort, you can rest assured that your home’s heating and cooling needs are in capable hands.

You won’t find a more dedicated and knowledgeable HVAC contractor at any other company in the area. Owner and Veteran, Derick Valentine even teaches the HVAC trade at the college level. We’ll build a working relationship with you to earn your trust and continued business.

Explore options such as HVAC repair & installation with an HVAC contractor serving clients in the Hampton, VA and Virginia Beach area.

HVAC Repair Services

HVAC Services

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Gas Services

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I have used Reliance Home Comfort in the past and have referred them to several of my friends and coworkers who have been extremely pleased with their service. They are extremely knowledgeable but most importantly, they are fair and honest. As a woman I have had contractors in the past give me high prices or charge me for things I didn’t need. When I first contacted them, I was told I needed a new compressor but the price was high. I called them simply to get their quote and they found a burnt terminal on the compressor and got it running without having to replace it. That was 3yrs ago and I haven’t had any trouble with that AC system since. They could have easily given me a lower price to replace it since that’s what I called for, but they expressed that they won’t charge or replace something that doesn’t need it. 

— Yolanda Johnson