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If you live in Virginia, you probably spend about $100 a month on your heating bill. Spring and fall maintenance on your HVAC system can really improve that statistic. The midAtlantic only gets freezing temperatures a few days a year, but it does stay cold enough to have the heat on from November to March. That’s over $500 a year in heating costs. Knowing how to heat your home efficiently can be beneficial in many ways. You can reduce your impact on the environment, save money on heating bills and make your home feel more cozy during the colder months. Follow these tips this winter to save energy and money. If you have questions or your house needs HVAC service contact us today!

Reverse your ceiling fans

One thing you can do to keep your house warm is to flip the switch on your ceiling fans so that it rotates clockwise. Clockwise rotations create an updraft that recirculates heated air. When summer comes, flip it back – the counterclockwise rotation pushes air down, creating a wind chill to cool you.

Replace your HVAC filter

Something that is super simple, that you can do all year round to improve your HVACs efficiency is to replace the filter as needed. Depending on the quality filters should be changed every 3 or more months. If your home has more debris in the air, such as pet dander, cigarette smoke, or during high pollen seasons, you may need to change it more. Filters are easy to change and you can sign up for a delivery subscription so you don’t have to keep track of when to change it.

Install a smart thermostat

Beat the cold with a smart thermostat. Most models connect to a smart phone so you have control even when you’re not at home. Set the thermostat a little lower while you’re at work and you can turn it back up on the way home. Many smart thermostats have a habit tracking feature. They record every change you make and learn from it. So instead of having to remember to turn the temperature down at bedtime, the thermostat will pick up on the habit and do it even when you forget.

Turn down the thermostat

For every degree you lower the temperature, you can save up to 1% on your heating bill (over an 8 hour period). If you are leaving for the day, turn the temperature down a few degrees. On days that you work from home, put on an extra layer and some slippers. By adding a blanket to your bed you can also turn the thermostat down 1 or 2 degrees at bedtime. According to the National Institute of Health, sleeping in a 66 degree room could even help you lose weight.

Service your HVAC

In the autumn, before turning on the heat, you should schedule a service appointment with a certified HVAC specialist. If you missed your chance, it’s not too late. You can always schedule a service call now.We make sure that your system is operating efficiently and there aren’t any big problems. With an annual check up you can extend the life of your system by 5 or more years. You will also save money by fixing small issues before they become big problems.

Look for gaps

Gaps and small spaces allow cold air in and heated air out of your home. Check your windows and doors for these to make your home more heat efficient. If an area feels drafty, add or improve insulation. Something as easy as a door draft blocker can make a big difference. They slide ride onto the bottom of most doors. You can also find many different styles of window draft blockers.

Make the switch to LED

For the holidays, switching to LED lights will save you a lot of money. Consider switching all of your lighting to LED, not just holiday decor. This includes all lighting fixtures inside – lamps, overhead lights, literally all lights. Department of Energy reported that LED lights use 75% less energy than incandescent lights, and last up to 25 times longer. So that could be a 75% reduction in your electricity bill, plus the cost of all those incandescent light bulbs. That adds up to significant savings!

Many of these tips and tricks are things that you can do on your own. However, having a HVAC system that runs efficiently is key to saving money when heating your home. For more tips, advice, or to schedule an HVAC service, contact Reliance Home Comfort today!