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Although August and September can be warm months, fall is coming and that means it is time to work on some heating and cooling system maintenance. HVAC systems have lifespans that can vary greatly, from 10 to 20+ years. The longer your current system can last, while running efficiently, the more money you can save. Here are a few tips for you to extend the life of your HVAC system.

  • Regular Maintenance – an HVAC system needs regular maintenance from trained professionals. Most specialists would recommend that you schedule maintenance twice a year – once in the spring, when you are getting ready to turn on the air conditioning, and once in the fall, for when you are about to switch over to heating. This is a key step to get your HVAC ready for fall. This allows the trained technicians to check for any problems, and catch small issues before they become big ones. If you schedule with Reliance Home Comfort, we will ensure that your system is running as efficiently as possible. By allowing us to perform routine maintenance on a regular basis, we will get to know your system and its history.
  • Filters – the easiest and most worthwhile maintenance that you can perform on your own, is to change the filters regularly. The average filter needs to be changed every 3 months, but can vary based on the quality of the filter, and the environment. If you smoke, have seasonal allergies, or are a pet owner, the filter may need to be changed more frequently. The filter removes particles that float through the air, such as allergens like pollen or pet dander, mold, and other irritants. As the filter becomes full of these pollutants, it cannot filter as well and the HVAC system must push harder to get the air through the filter. This means two things: your system is not running efficiently, and your air is not as clean as it could be. Changing the filter is really simple and you can sign up to have a new filter delivered to your door, so you don’t have to keep track. When the filter arrives, you know it’s time to change the old one.
  • Outdoor cleaning – another simple, but important task for HVAC maintenance that you can do on your own, is cleaning around the outdoor portion of the unit. Whenever you are outside, whether it’s cutting the grass, or taking out the trash, take a quick look at your outdoor unit. Make sure that it is clear of debris like sticks, fallen leaves, or anything else. Especially in autumn, clearing leaves is really important to help get your HVAC ready for fall. This part of the unit is called the compressor, and it moves air in and out of the house. If it is blocked, even a little bit, it cannot work as efficiently.
  • Seal Leaks – making sure your home is sealed to prevent air leaks is a great way to help your HVAC system run efficiently. In the summer you wouldn’t want cold air escaping, and the same in the winter with warm air. You can schedule an energy audit to come and check your home for leaks and other issues that make your home less energy efficient. If you schedule regular HVAC maintenance, we can also make suggestions on areas that may have leaks. Common areas include leaky windows and doors, as well as air ducts. If you are heating your home, you wouldn’t want warm air seeping out in spaces that don’t need to be heated.

Although it is still warm right now, it is time to start thinking about the cooler months that are coming up. Get your HVAC ready for fall now, before you need to switch over to heating, is a great idea. Not only will it save you stress and time, it will also save you money. At Reliance Home Comfort, we are highly trained professionals that are ready to help you keep your HVAC system running efficiently. Get ready for fall and give us a call to schedule your next routine maintenance.